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Song: “Flyin’ High (in a friendly sky)

Artist: Marvin Gaye

Album: “Whats Going On”


Going with the overall story of “Whats Going On”, this song is about a Vietnam Veteran who became hooked on drugs while on tour and is now back home in the US trying to deal with his addiction. He goes back to his vice because it is the one thing that he can connect from his time in the war. Nothing from home made sense in Vietnam’ and nothing from Vietnam made sense back home’ but his addiction is the one thing that he can experience in both places. He knows it’s slowly killing him’ but he needs to find the only comfortable place he knows and by the end of the song he accepts the fact again, or at least for another night.

This is a Haunting classic from Marvin Gaye. One of those one and only songs that you ever will hear. It goes so deep expressing pain and disappointment; but all in all he finds peace in something that gives him temporary pain relief, which slowly become the ultimate enemy. I love this song it is deep and meaningful, but also sad when you hear him singing about addiction to drugs and how powerful that addiction can be. I think he had a lot of courage for being so outspoken and vocal about a subject that some people would rather sweep under the rug. RIP Marvin I wish you could have battled those demons and won.



This song has always hit close to home with me. Causing me to always skip this son on the album. However, this time is different. This blog was requested by a great friend of mine.  By the way, the sole purpose of this blog was for readers to REQUEST songs and then I will expound on them from my point of view. Yes, I understand that my opinion may not weigh anything in a lot of peoples brains’ however’ this is my way of release. Writing & Music makes me feel like i’m “Flying High in a Friendly Sky”. Music is MY vice. My vacation from all the world and its problems, but especially from Family issues,  that I will call “My Vietnam” in this blog. Truth be told there is no permanent vacation from Vietnam. Living 26 years, eldest of 6, raised by our grandparents my mother’s vice was on the other end of Reality. She, just like the “VET” in the song have the same addiction. Unable to conquer their demons’ and move past what went on in “Vietnam”. Stillto this day she chases this rush, I thank God for giving me something better. Learning to coupe with “Vietnam”I found music. I’m just hoping that one day she will deal with her “Vietnam”, and really REALLY find comfort in the “friendly skies”. Praying that one day she will look up  and notice that she has 7  pieces of HOPE, looking right back at her.

In closing, whenever you are too lazy to go upstairs and grab your duvet to keep you warm whilst dreamin’…just play this on repeat…and find all the good feelings this song takes you to.