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Simply Amazing

It’s Amazing…
How one person can change your life
How a smile from you can erase everything bad
How life seems less scary when you’re holding my hand.

It’s Phenomenal…
How fate brings two strangers together
How I survived before I knew you
How, whenever I’m with you it’s like a great new adventure.

It’s Beautiful…
How love can be so unconditional
How learning about you is like reading my favorite story.
How loving you is so easy.

And I’m so thankful…
That I’m able to know this
Beautiful Man
And because of that…

: A Serenade to Mr. Amazing :

People say that “You create your opportunities by asking for them” and I remember the night when I woke up out of my sleep and asked God for my mate. After many years of searching and praying for SOMETHING to go right I found the person that I wouldn’t mind spending my life with. Every since the day we met you have had a permanent smile on my face. I love the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. Even when I feel like things can’t get worse, you come along and brighten up my day. My opportunity to do something the right way. Im not going to lie, there have been times where I felt like throwing in the towel. Felt like maybe I was to much of a lightweight to fight a heavyweights fight. Sometimes I look at him and smile because he HAS to be heaven sent or either a Huge Sin. But hey, I guess when it’s your time to receive your blessing you gotta be there. God knows that I am blissfully thankful for him. He makes everything okay, with a kiss on the cheek, or a strange look from across the room I know that what I see in him he sees in me. He is definitely my “MO BETTA”. When the world gets heavy on my back he makes it better, when the cross gets too heavy too bare he make’s it better, He’s my backbone. And I wanna thank him, Im a better woman, and he’s some kind of Man. He kisses the worries away from my heart, So understanding and true. Never doubted his concern or worry because every-time I go through something He is Right there to wipe my tears away. Like a rainbow coming through the clouds he came and took all worry and pain away. From the moment I set eye’s on him I knew that fairy tales come true. He always knows the right word’s to say to me. Thats why I don’t mind Cooking him a meal, I don’t mind Rubbing his body down after a hard day at work, I don’t mind laying next to him even when I know that we’re to tired to “connect”. Thats the least of my worries now. I don’t need that to survive anymore and I realize that now. Maybe thats all apart of growing up and being in love. I thank God, for the days he has given me to share with this man. He say’s that he’s blessed to have me in his life but little doe’s he know he was placed here on earth for me. I’m going to always be here for him, no matter what. He inspires me to do better, to make him a better man, and to make me a better woman.Our true identity is to love without fear and insecurity. Our higher potential finds us when we set our course in that direction. The power of love and compassion transforms insecurity. So when creating your opportunity, You’ll discover that real love is millions of miles past falling in love with anyone or anything. When you make that one effort to feel compassion instead of blame or self-blame, the heart opens again and continues opening.P.S. True love never lives happily ever after – true love has no ending.

Song Request: So Amazing

Artist: Luther Vandross

Reader: “Tyra”