In today’s society woman are forced to be the super independent, I don’t need a man for nothing creatures that are out of touch with reality. Yes it is always important to have your own money, job, car, house etc. but when it comes down to basic human needs a woman needs a man for support, love, sex etc. It’s easy to scream I don’t need him, but you do. The reason so many men are treating women like dogs is because they’ve come across these woman who are either too independent or too dependent. The former in my opinion is worse because you take away his manhood by telling him I don’t need you to do this or to do that. Sometimes a man needs his ego stroked. Men don’t require much, just some love, some food, time to watch sports, good sex, and time with the guys, and to feel wanted and needed. If a man told you oh I don’t need a woman I can do all these things myself you would wonder about him and he’s wondering about you too. LOL Come on ladies love your man right show him you need him (even when you don’t) let him open the jar of jelly cause its “hard” he’ll smile about it and open it even if you did loosen it for him, yall can share a moment and he’ll know you appreciate having him around. Do something to make him smile, I bet he returns the favor.

Jenni J

The Hopeless Romantic